Here and Nowhere Else

I don’t want to write down every detail of my day, of my life. I don’t want a picture of every breakfast, every morning view. In order to remember, don’t you have to experience first? And even if your memory doesn’t have the colors of a photograph, isn’t it worth something, a lot of somethings, to know that in this moment, I was here.

I was here and nowhere else.

Even though I won’t be able to tell my grandchildren what I thought today, I can teach them that presence is worth more than a million yesterdays and a thousand tomorrows. Because today, in these moments, I have lived. Today I have lived outside of time and memory.

I live with each breath, and in this place outside of time and memory, my thoughts come rushing in like moths to a light.


One thought on “Here and Nowhere Else

  1. Today I have lived outside of time and memory…
    Beautiful, Grace. That’s the place that I want to be.
    Shall we meet up there, sometime?


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