Philosophical Rant #1 – Snow = A Better World

Well, it’s officially a snow week. Yes, that does in fact mean what you think it means. A week of school. Or rather, a week of no school.

Correction: It hasn’t been a full week…yet.

photo (7)

I like snow. Mostly because it means no school, but it really is amazing. Every single snowflake is unique. Some are big and fluffy, some are, well, I can’t see them. And yet, together they somehow manage to make something tangible and truly incredible. I think the universe is trying to tell us something…

Picking up on the metaphor here? Let me help you out. Think people. Every single one is unique. How can we look at a single snowflake and be astounded by its beauty and still have prejudices against people, including ourselves, based on what they/we look like?

I hate to admit that I am not above this, and I don’t think I know anyone who is. If anyone told me that they had no prejudices whatsoever, I wouldn’t believe them. Unfortunately, it’s just the way we live.

Could we change that? I think so.

I wish I could propose a fail-proof way to turn our thinking around, but I can’t. All I can suggest is that we begin to pay attention to what we think and the judgments and associations we make without a thought. Just noticing could be all the change that it takes to appreciate the beauty in everyone (even the mean ones).

We need to stand together in our diversity and our humanity to embrace our wholeness. Like snowflakes, each individual adds to the pile of snow/human love. Without a single electron, an atom is not the same. Without a single flake, a snowfall is not the same. Without a single person, humanity is not the same. Without a single thought or action of peace and love, our world is not the same.

I challenge you all to work towards being all that you can be and loving others for being all that they can be. I believe in you. I believe in myself. I believe in us.

Well, that was my philosophical rant for the day. I’ve been a little flakey (get it?!?) with posting regularly, and this was on my mind.

I especially love the world today. I love my beautiful (inside and out) friends and family, and I am so thankful for everything that I have.

Over and out.

photo (6)

all my love grace

10 thoughts on “Philosophical Rant #1 – Snow = A Better World

  1. Grace, I like your suggestion that we “pay attention to what we think.” Linda has been studying mindfulness in her doctoral program, which sorta encompasses this idea of being aware of our thoughts and present in the moment. I hope we all can learn to practice this, and I’m going to heed your suggestion. Thanks for your reflections. – Chris


  2. What a cool way to visualize people… unique snowflakes. Love it!
    Waaaay more positive than how I think sometimes, think I switch to this, thanks 🙂


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