Welcome to the New Year, or the Jungle (Whatever You Prefer)

2013. Dang.

2014. Dang.

New Year’s resolutions. [enter euphemism (or, what the hell, profanity) of your choice].

It was exciting thinking about my New Year’s resolution until it actually came time to write it down and somehow cram it into my life. Then, I ran and hid (figuratively, of course). But now, on a snowy, school-less Monday, maybe I can face some reality.

*Disclaimer* I am literally making this up as I go along. That is not to say that it is not meaningful and will not become a part of my life. I just thought you should know. And now I forgot why. Maybe this is a bad idea…

Anyway… Here we go:

My Resolutions of the New Year Variety

1. Keep Learning. Spanish comes to mind first of course, so kick it into gear, girl – did I mention I might be going to Bolivia again after I graduate!! – but keep learning how to live purposefully and wholesomely and consciously. Keep learning how to be yourself, and keep learning who that is.

2. Keep Loving. Don’t forget about the people you love and who love you, the things that make you feel complete, and those potentially crazy ideas about your life that feel right in your heart. Especially those. Keep loving those, Grace.

3. Be Real. Open up to the special people who deserve you, and let them do the same. Quit putting on the mask of sanity, and just be real.

4. Respect Your Body. Yes, that means doing that physical therapy, eating healthfully, exercising, and going to bed early. It also means doing none of those things and loving it. It means listening to your body whether it says “get your booty to the gym, pronto” or “give me Netflix, hot chocolate and a blanket”. It means being conscious of your actions and their reactions.

5. Let It Go, And Be BOLD. It has always been a struggle to let things go, and Grace, this is the year honey. It’s time to leave those premonitions behind and LIVE BOLDLY. Be purposeful. Follow your dreams, and don’t let yourself get in the way.

6. Make Mistakes. Screw up, and love yourself for it.

7. Live In The Moment. College will come with its horrors and wonders. Please Grace, don’t miss out on today and tomorrow and everything else. It’s okay to dream. It it wonderful to dream, but don’t live in them all the time.

8. Believe. In yourself. In the world. In your dreams. In something better. In right now.

9. Write About It. Sing About It. Words heal you. Take the time to find the right ones.

10. Remember You Are Going To Be Okay. In fact, you are going to be great! It’s just going to take a little time and effort. It won’t be easy, but you CAN do it.

Here’s to another year and another chance to be the person we are in our hearts. Here’s to me, and to you, and to our beautiful, perfect, messed up world. Here’s to life.

And here’s to Guns N’ Roses just because.


all my love grace

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